School Trips

Monmouth boys school tripsThe following list is a guide only and is not exhaustive; other trips may be organised in addition to the list below. Trips in bold have been confirmed for the current or next academic year. The appearance of any other trip on this list is not a guarantee that the trip will run on any occasion in the future. With changes in staffing and syllabi and fluctuations in cost and availability of venues, the holiday trips programme will inevitably evolve over time.

N.b. M1 = 1st half of Michaelmas Term; M2 = 2nd half of Michaelmas Term

L1 = 1st half of Lent Term; L2 = 2nd half of Lent Term

S1 = 1st half of Summer Term; S2 = 2nd half of Summer Term

Download the Holiday Trips list for parents here (PDF – 231Kb)
Last modified on 9 February 2017

Michaelmas Term

Trip Open to Frequency Start date and duration Cost
German Exchange with Nuremberg Form IV boys studying German

(Not happening in 2016/2017)

Annual End of M1, 10 days (15-24 Oct 2015) Nuremberg pupils visit in last 9 days before Lent half term £450 (2015)
Spanish language trip to Barcelona Form IV and V MS and HMSG studying Spanish Annual End of M1, 4 days, cancelled for 2016 £650 (2016)
French study trip to Normandy Form I and II boys studying French Annual Last Day of M1, 5 days (21-25 Oct 2016) £440(approx.)
J14 Rowing Camp Form III Annual End of M1, 3 days (26-28 Oct 2016) £75.00
Cultural and linguistic trip to Berlin Forms IV-V Annual Christmas holidays, 4 days

Lent Term

Trip Open to Frequency Start date and duration Cost
Form I Rugby Tour Form I, by selection Annual Last day of L1 and first day of half term holiday £65 (2016)
Ski trip All Annual Last day of L1, 9 days (12-20 Feb 2016) £995 (2016)
Russian and Language Trip to St Petersburg, Russia Forms VI.1 – VI.2  Biennial February 2017, 7 days, half term (TBC) TBC
Classics trip to Greece (Peloponnese) Forms VI.1 and VI.2 (Possibly Forms IV and V)  Annual First Saturday of Lent half term, 6 days (13-18 Feb 2016) £600 (2016)
Language course/work experience in Nantes, France Forms VI.1-VI.2  Annual First Saturday of Lent half term, 8 days (13-20 Feb 2016) £695 (2016)
Western Front Battlefields Trip Form IV Last day of L2, 5 days (31March – 4 April 2017) £380 (2017)
Language study trip to France Forms IV-V Lent half term (7 days)
Football tour to Barcelona or Madrid Forms IV-VI, by selection Every three years (last trip 2014) Easter holidays, 6 days (2-7 April 2017) £1000 (approx.)
French Language trip to Paris Form IV – VI.2 Annual Last week of Easter holidays, 5 days £565
Geography Trip to Iceland Form IV-VI.2 Last Week of Easter Holidays, 5 days £990 (2017)
Rowing training camp All rowers Annual Easter holidays, 8 days 5-12 April 2016) £650 (Seville 2014)
History trip to Berlin Form III Easter holidays, 4 days. Cancelled for 2016 £500 (approx.)
Spanish language and culture trip to Salamanca Form VI & VI.2

MS/HMSG students studying Spanish

Annual Easter holidays, 7 days. Cancelled for 2016 £700 (approx)
Berlin language and culture trip Form VI.1- VI.2 boys studying German Annual Easter holidays, 7 days £700 (2016)
Senior Cricket tour Senior cricketers, by selection Every three years Easter holidays, 10 days £3200 (projected for Easter 2016)

Summer Term

Trip Open to Frequency Start date and duration Cost
French language trip to Paris Form III boys studying French Annual May half term (4 days) £340 (approx.)

Cancelled for 2017


Adventure and Culture trips (e.g. Thailand, Borneo, Madagascar).  Possibly trip to Himalayas in summer 2016 Forms V and VI Roughly Biennial Summer holidays 2018 (15 days) £3,000
CCF Army and RAF Summer Camp Forms IV-VI boys in CCF Annual Speech Day, 7 days £85 (2016)
Sweden Sea Kayak Expedition Summer holidays 2017,

8 days (9 – 16 July 2017)

£700 (2017)
Cricket Castle Festival 1st XI squad, by selection Annual Last week of S2 or first week of holidays, 5 days Free unless it is held in Jersey (every four years), in which case £200
Japanese exchange Forms IV-VI.1 Biennial (last trip 2013) Start of summer holidays, 3 weeks (Japanese pupils visit MS in last two weeks of Lent Term and first week of Easter holidays) £1,400 (projected for 2015)
Music tour to Rome and Perugia
Choir and Strings Biennial First Monday of summer holidays (10 – 17 July 2017) £950
Sea Kayaking Expedition to Saint Anna Archipelago, Sweden Form V (Potentially Form IV & VI – from Canoe Club) First week of holidays (6 – 12 July 2015)  £650 (approx.)
India 2016 Expedition Forms IV – V Summer 2016 (11 July – 6 August)
Pre-Season Rugby Tour- Dublin Form VI & VI.2 rugby players (by selection) 29 August – 2 Sept 2017 £750

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