Why study Business?

The Business course will enable candidates to develop a critical understanding of how organisations operate.  Our students will consider all the internal workings of businesses including the management of functions such as marketing, human resources and finance. The course will cover the study of organisational structure, culture and objectives, through to an understanding of the micro and macro-economy and how they affect businesses – supply and demand, market structures, inflation,  economic growth, interest rates and international trade and globalisation.

In addition to a thorough body of knowledge, it will allow our students to be analytical, rigorous and critical, and will also allow them to experience practical decision-making and problem-solving. It is also advisable that candidates are comfortable with using numbers, due to the finance and accounting, and also are comfortable with use of English given the amount of terminology used. Therefore we suggest GCSE requirements for prospective students B grade or above in English and Mathematics.


Course content

Board: WJEC   A level syllabus code: 601/5238/2

The A level course is divided up into four modules as follows:

Year 12

Unit 1  The Business Framework

  • Business Objectives
  • Types of Organisation
  • Producing Goods and Services
  • External Influences

Unit 2  Business Functions

  • Marketing Accounting and Finance
  • People in Organisations
  • Operations Management
Year 13

Unit 3  Business Decision Making

  • Business Strategy
  • Management of Change
  • Political, Legal, and Ethical Issues

Unit 4  Business Strategy and Practice

  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Data Analysis
  • Decision Making Tools: Investment Appraisal/Critical Path Assessment (Examinations)
Method of assessment

There will be two examinations in June of each year, which will test knowledge of all modules named above.   There is no assessed coursework at A level, but preparatory work will of course be given throughout the course, as well as past paper practice in the run up to any of the final examinations.

Year 12

  • BS1  The Business Framework: 20% (1 hr 15 mins)  Short Answer Paper
  • BS2  Business Functions: 30% (1 hr 45 mins)  Data Response and Short Answer Paper.

Year 13

  • BS3  Business Decision Making: 25% (2 hours)  Case Study
  • BS4  Business Strategy and Practice: 25% (2 hours)  Problem Solving and Essay Paper.