Music Awards

  • Proficiency in 2 instruments, or one instrument and voice
  • 2 pieces, plus sight reading, on first instrument
  • Experience as a singer
  • Scales, arpeggios and aural tests as appropriate
  • At age 11 grade 3 or above, at age 13 grade 5 or above, at age 16 grade 7 or above.
Music Awards are offered to candidates for whom Music is a first priority, and who are confident they will make a strong contribution to the music of Monmouth School for Boys.  Successful candidates are those who are proficient in more than one instrument, or are instrumentalists and singers, and in whom the School is able to hold a reasonable expectation that they will play a prominent role in School Music throughout their time here.  Decisions regarding Awards are based on a candidate’s musical accomplishment, previous experience, and enthusiasm.  It is anticipated that successful candidates at 11+ and 13+ will study Music to GCSE level, and later, A level.  Award holders should be confident that they can offer to their peers an outstanding example of quality and loyalty throughout their time with us.  Awards are reviewed at the end of Years 8 and 11.