Boarding at Monmouth School for Boys

The boarding experience at Monmouth School for Boys is a journey filled with memorable moments, unique opportunities, and lifelong connections. We’re proud to have fostered an environment where each young man doesn't just feel welcome here, but is truly at home.

Our dedicated boarding staff at Monmouth School for Boys ensure a strong sense of security, while our wide range of extracurricular activities in the evenings and at weekends offer pathways for personal growth and self-discovery. Our goal is for every boy to emerge from their boarding experience with a well-rounded sense of achievement, not only excelling academically, but gaining a sense of independence too.

In the section below, you can learn more about boarding at Monmouth School for Boys, exploring the pastoral care offered and the unique characteristics of our different houses. Here, you can discover more about the enriching experiences that await our boarders, as valued members of our exceptional boarding community.

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Boarding in detail

The structure of the boarding houses is:

  • Monnow House, ages 7 to 13 (up to Year 8)
  • Middle school houses, ages 14 to 17 (Years 9 to 12)
  • Buchanan House, ages 17 to 18 (Year 13)

Each house has a Housemaster, Matron, and a team of house tutors. Many of the house staff live there with their families, often with young children and pets.

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The most important element of our pastoral care is the family atmosphere that we maintain in the boarding houses. Our house staff always aim to be approachable and encourage boys to share any problems with them. Boys can also talk to staff counsellors, the School Nurses, School Doctor or any of the teaching staff.

The school also has an independent school Counsellor, a child psychotherapist, who visits the school once a week and can be seen by confidential appointment.

Our school Chaplain, Rev. Clifford Swartz, pays regular visits to each boarding house to get to know the boys and to give them the opportunity to talk about anything that is worrying them. He is happy to arrange one-to-one appointments outside his visits.

All boys are registered with the school Doctor at a local GP’s surgery. Minor ailments are dealt with by house staff; anything more serious is handled by the school Nurses or the school Doctor.

Each boarding house has a sick room where boys can stay if they are feeling under the weather or even if they are tired and need to catch up on some sleep away from their room-mates.