International Students

All of our International students play a vital role in helping to make Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools a vibrant, friendly and diverse community. A safe place to study, develop and create lasting friendships.

It can be a daunting prospect moving, often halfway around the world, to a new place, new school, full of new people. We are extremely proud of the pastoral care that we offer to each and every one of our pupils and it won’t be long before your child regards us as their ‘second’ family.

Unlike other schools that offer either single-sex or co-education, we believe that we provide the perfect balance of both in our brilliant Diamond-shaped structure. Boys and girls are taught separately in their respective senior schools between the age of 11 and 16 free from the distracting pressures of adolescence in their academic lives while retaining the valuable benefits of joint social and co-curricular activities. As they approach Year 12, co-education is introduced to build a strong foundation for further academic study at British Universities.


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International Testimonials

Hear from some of our brilliant International students on their experiences at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools and why they choose to study and board with us.