About us

Monmouth School for Boys was founded in 1614 by William Jones, a member of the Haberdashers’ Company of London. As we now prepare our pupils for the opportunities of the 21st Century we are proud of our unbroken history and Christian heritage. The generous bequest of William Jones has underpinned our development and enables us to keep our fees extremely competitive.

We have a tradition of tremendous achievement, but are not held back by that tradition. Rather it gives the school the confidence to meet the challenges which all schools now face. Crucially, as an independent school, we are the master of our own destiny. Unlike many independent schools, however, we prosper considerably from the charitable support of our founder, William Jones, and the Haberdashers’ Company. This has two significant advantages: first our facilities are exceptional; second, the availability of our scholarships and bursaries scheme ensures that as many pupils as possible can benefit from the wide range of opportunities here. We prepare our boys to take their place among the nation’s elite, but we are not an elitist institution.

Monmouth has a thriving boarding community which contributes much to the tone and ethos of our busy and vibrant school throughout the extended week and into the weekend, when there is the opportunity to experience a range of supervised sporting and recreational activities.

Of course any school’s greatest assets are the teachers and the pupils it attracts. We are exceptionally fortunate in both and it is a privilege to lead a team of dedicated educators whose enthusiasm is constantly re-ignited by the young men they teach. In the classroom, on the sports field, in the theatre and in the concert hall great things have been achieved in the past and will continue to be achieved in the future because of our dynamic combination of youthful enthusiasm, talent and experience.

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