Exam Information

Candidates for exams MUST have the following equipment:

  • Several black ballpoint pens
  • Calculator (though not permitted in some Maths exams)
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Any other equipment specifically required for an exam

Candidate MUST NOT bring mobile phones, iPods or MP3/4 players, or watches of any kind but secure them elsewhere in the school. Any water bottle brought to an exam cannot have writing on it and pencil cases must be see-through.

All cases of Special Consideration must be forwarded to the Exams Officer within 7 days of the last exam in any exam session.

Certificates will be available for collection from Reception in November.


  • A level results come out on Tuesday 10th August 2021
  • GCSE Results come out on Thursday 12th August 2021

Exam Procedures

Exam Information for Students (PDF – 161Kb)

JCQ Regulations

On screen tests (PDF – 71kB)
Privacy notice (PDF – 109kB)
Social Media(PDF – 321kB)
Written exams (PDF – 576kB)
Non examination assessments (PDF – 82kB)
AQA MFL A level speaking tests (PDF – 964kB)
AQA MFL GCSE speaking tests (PDF – 868kB)
Mobile phone & electronic devices regulations (PDF – 145kB)
Warning to Candidates(PDF – 58kB)

CIE Regulations

Information for candidates (PDF – 120kB)
Notice to candidates (PDF – 75kB)

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