Boarding at Monmouth School for Girls

We stand proudly behind the boarding experience at Monmouth School for Girls. Boarding is more than an educational journey; it's a life-enriching experience that is an integral part of our school community.

Our vision is simple: every young woman who calls Monmouth School for Girls her home will leave with an unwavering sense of fulfilment. Here it’s more than just a home away from home; it’s a safe and supportive environment, where our dedicated staff make you feel like family.

We take immense pride in providing the optimum setting for your daughter to cultivate the perfect balance between her academic endeavours and a diverse array of engaging extra-curricular activities. It’s a place where lifelong friendships are forged within our inclusive community.

In the section below, you can explore further details about boarding at Monmouth School for Girls, from insights into our various houses to the availability of onsite medical and pastoral care. Discover more about the captivating experiences that await your daughter as a cherished member of our remarkable community.

Discover more about our boarding options below

Boarding in detail

Within the boarding houses we operate in an environment of mutual respect for other peoples’ cultures, religions and ideas. Trust is an essential part of boarding and strict rules exist to ensure that each person’s privacy and belongings are afforded the necessary security. Parents can contact the boarding staff at any time if they have any worries or concerns. The girls mix easily across year groups and friendships blossom continually. There is always somebody to whom you can turn when the going gets tough; a fellow pupil, a member of staff, a prefect, amongst others. We hope that your time with us will be hugely fulfilling and rewarding.

Even the buildings at Monmouth School for Girls embody the school’s ethos of combining the best of traditional values with the modern needs of today’s students.

Ultra-modern, purpose-built facilities nestle alongside beautifully restored listed buildings, providing a stimulating environment where pupils can focus on their academic goals, feed their personal interests and belong to a wider community.

We have 3 houses for girls:

  • Monnow House, ages 7 to 13 (up to Year 8)
  • Twiston Davies – Senior School Boarding (ages 13-16)
  • Augusta House – Sixth Form Boarding

For more information on the boarding experience, please contact admissions on 01600 710433 or by email at

From your child’s Form Tutor to the Heads of the schools, every member of staff is here to listen and support.

We aim to ensure that all pupils gain the utmost from their time at Monmouth, not only in the classroom, but through all the other experiences that the school has to offer.

Our supportive programme of pastoral care ensures we monitor your child’s personal welfare and deal with any issues sensitively and efficiently.

Our pastoral philosophy is to develop resilience, confidence and skills which will take your child through later life, while offering each pupil bespoke care.

Form tutors are supported by a wider pastoral team which includes the Head of Year, Heads of House, the School Chaplain and our Deputy Heads (Pastoral) have overall responsibility for pastoral matters.

We also have a peer support group within the schools run by the Sixth Form and a buddy system for new pupils.

All boarding girls are registered with the school Doctor at a local GP’s surgery. Minor ailments are dealt with by house staff; anything more serious is handled by the school Nurses or the school Doctor.

Each boarding house has a sick room where boys can stay if they are feeling under the weather or even if they are tired and need to catch up on some sleep away from their room-mates.