About Us


In 2014, Monmouth School for Boys celebrated the 400th anniversary since its foundation. Those with a close association, whether as a pupil, member of staff, parent, governor or friend participated in a wide programme of events and played an active part in ensuring the prosperity of this wonderful school for this and future generations.

As part of our vision for the future, and to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Monmouth School for Boys, we created the Monmouth Schools’ Charitable Trust as a vehicle for future fundraising.


The Development Office is led by Mrs Clare Anning, Development Director, who was appointed in February 2012.  Clare works closely with the Old Monmothian Club executive committee and the trustees of the Monmothian Charitable Trust.

Contact information:

Clare Anning, Development Director
Direct Dial: 01600 710447
Email: anning.clare@habsmonmouth.org

Sarah Waller, Development Officer
Direct Dial: 01600 711120
Email: waller.sarah@habsmonmouth.org

Old Monmothian Club
Direct Dial: 01600 710440
Email: old.monmothians@habsmonmouth.org