At Monmouth School for Boys, we take great pride in the number of boys who enjoy reading.  There is help and guidance for each pupil on books which will inspire and challenge young minds.  Our aim is for each boy to develop a lifelong love of reading, alongside the skills necessary to access information for independent learning.

The library stocks over 15,000 books which are continually updated. There are academic and reference works to complement the curriculum in every subject area, and also a wide selection of fiction which takes account of the age range and interests of the boys.  There is a good range of daily newspapers, including all the broadsheets, key periodicals and magazines. New films, mostly for entertainment, are added to the DVD collection continually and can be borrowed

There are currently twelve networked PCs in the library for research and independent work and the use of portable devices using WiFi is encouraged.  A large proportion of the librarians’ time is dedicated to helping boys to become information literate and to develop the skills to research effectively using the latest media.


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Opening Times

8:30 – 6:00pm Monday – Friday
8:30 – 12:30pm Saturday

Between 4:00pm & 6:00pm the library is available for boys to do their homework, research or quiet reading before going home.

Resources & Recommended Reads

The library subscribes to a number of specialist online resources (such as The Day, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Issues Online etc) to provide a reliable and educational base for internet research.

Lists, posters and displays of new or themed material are always prominent. The Librarians will always offer suggestions or advice (to parents as well as to pupils) if required.

All pupils in the lower school take part in the Reading Awards Scheme which is designed to reward pupils for reading varied and challenging fiction.

Events such as author visits and literary quizzes are held to maintain an enthusiasm for books and reading through the school and to keep pupils aware of the wider literary scene. Through the Library pupils also become fully involved with organising and attending Monmouth Literary Festival events.

Spotlight on Resources

We try to acquire Young Adult titles as soon as they are published. We are also quick to respond to boys’ requests as they tend to be very quick off the mark when the latest book in a series is out! We work very closely with teaching staff to ensure we provide rich background reading to support academic projects

Book Groups

Revolutio – Evolutio re-invented as a collaborative group with Monmouth School for Girls

Lunchtime extension sessions aimed at broadening the reading and developing the critical skills of some of the more interested and advanced English students from every year group


Reading groups to give boys in Years 7 and 8 the opportunity to extend the range, and the amount, of their reading and to talk about books in an informal setting.

Carnegie Shadowing

An annual summer term event which involves selected members of Years 7 and 8 reading, discussing and reviewing all the books on the Carnegie Award shortlist.  A large number of schools take part and there is a considerable amount of online activity including, of course, a vote for each school’s favoured book.

Reading Awards

All pupils in Years 7 and 9 are expected to take part in the Reading Awards Scheme which is designed to encourage and reward the reading of fiction.  Most boys arrive at the school having already acquired a reading habit and we are keen to nurture this through the transition from children’s books to the comparatively new genre of ‘Young Adult’ fiction and on to the exciting range of new and classic works for the 16+ age group.

Pupils will be given a Bronze Reading Record sheet in the 1st Form, which they complete as they finish each book, and progress at their own pace with guidance from English Department and Library staff.

To provide the encouragement and structure for boys to develop good reading habits and a taste for different genres, all boys start reading for their Bronze Award when they arrive in the School.  They keep a reading record and are rewarded after they have read six books by six different authors.  They can then move on to the Silver and Gold Awards.

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Staff and contacts

Head of Libraries and Learning Resources: Mrs A Lingham BA
Tel: 01600 710449