Course Co-ordinator:  Mrs L R Livingston

The Monmouth School for Boys PSHE sessions seek to prepare pupils for the challenges that they will face as they grow up and learn the life skills to enable success beyond school.  In Years 7 and 8, the PSHE curriculum focuses on healthy lifestyles, emotional wellbeing, responsibility and respect, internet safety and study skills.  Pupils develop knowledge, skills and understanding in developing confidence and making the most of their abilities, in preparing to play an active role as citizens, in developing a healthy, safer lifestyle and in creating good relationships and respecting diversity.

Pupils in Years 9 and 10 build upon these skills and focus on additional topics such as Sex and Relationships, Drugs and Alcohol Awareness, Politics and Democracy, Tackling Homophobia, and Economic Understanding as well as learning life skills such as wiring plugs and plumbing. Year 11 pupils have visits from speakers on issues such as financial management and preparing for independence, alongside PSHE sessions during tutorials.

Throughout the courses there is a strong element of moral and ethical discussion, allowing pupils to formulate and develop their opinions on a wide variety of important issues.  The PSHE course is delivered through a variety of media including discussion groups, video footage, ICT and visits from speakers outside the school.

Study Skills Booklet (PDF – 924Kb)



Year 7 Courses: Healthy Living; Study Skills; Internet Safety; Bullying; Appreciation of Personal Identity through Drama.

Year 8 Courses: Healthy Living; Study Skills: Rights, Responsibility and Respect; Careers; Emotional Wellbeing; Understanding Relationships through Drama.

Year 9 Courses: Sex & Relationships Education; First Aid; Diversity: Gender Equality and Tackling Homophobia; Internet Safety; Life Skills: Plumbing & Wiring; Alcohol Awareness; Economic Understanding.


Year 10 Courses: Sex & Relationships Education; Drugs Awareness; Managing Stress; Careers; Study Skills; Disability Awareness; Politics, Challenging Prejudice.

Year 11 Courses: Bullying in the Workplace; Crime & Punishment; Drugs Awareness; Relationships; Financial Management.

The PSHE Voice is an open forum for students to discuss issues, either global or local, allowing them to have a voice. Each term has a theme but any issue is welcome for discussion.  The door is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes.  Each year it is also a place for evaluating PSHE courses with ideas incorporated into future development.

Students have also consolidated their PSHE learning in small projects, such as Year 7  providing advice for a healthy school routine for future Year 7 pupils, and Year 9 producing The Monmouth Code, encouraging the appropriate behaviour to be a respected and respectful citizen.

Michaelmas Theme for PSHE Voice: ‘Making significant choices’.

Lent Theme for PSHE Voice: ‘How to make the grade’.

Summer Theme for PSHE Voice: ‘Learning to relax under exam pressure’.