Fund 400

Introducing the Monmouth Schools’ Charitable Trust

Established to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of Monmouth School, the Trust enhances and substantially supports means-tested places and capital improvements over and above the income received from the endowment (the William Jones’s Schools Foundation). Chaired by Old Monmothian and current governer, David Hitchcock, the trustees of the newly formed charity are largely made up of former pupils who have been successful in law, business and academia.

The Charitable Trust has been formed to cover all the schools in the Monmouth group but initially its focus was on Monmouth School for Boys, giving a clear message to all constituent groups (Old Monmothians, current and former parents, current and former staff and current and former Governors) that a new chapter in the history of the School has begun.

Fundraising efforts were initially focused on ‘FUND 400 – the Bursary Fund for Monmouth School for Boys’ and the launch of the ‘1614 Society’ – the legacy society for Monmouth School for Boys. The opportunity to celebrate 400 years of learning at Monmouth School for Boys encourages us all to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Whilst around 200 boys in the school currently receive means-tested financial assistance this number will steadily decrease over the next few years as Monmouth School for Boys also tries to update and improve teaching and learning facilities.

If you would like further information about FUND 400, the 1614 Legacy Society, the Monmouth Schools’ Charitable Trust or have any questions regarding fundraising at Monmouth School for Boys please contact the Development Director, Mrs Clare Anning at

FUND 400 Leaflet (PDF – 705Kb)
FUND 400 Donation Form (PDF – 255Kb)