Boarding houses

At Monmouth School for Girls we pride ourselves on giving the best possible around-the-clock care to our pupils.

Our aim is to make a home for the girls whilst they are away from their parents. The staff are highly qualified in pastoral care, with a particular understanding for those who are a long way from home. Each member of staff has been selected for their ability to relate to the girls in their care and to look after each one’s individual needs. The furnishings are comfortable and luxurious and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Within the boarding houses we operate in an environment of mutual respect for other peoples’ cultures, religions and ideas. Trust is an essential part of boarding and strict rules exist to ensure that each person’s privacy and belongings are afforded the necessary security. Parents can contact the boarding staff at any time if they have any worries or concerns. The girls mix easily across year groups and friendships blossom continually. There is always somebody to whom you can turn when the going gets tough; a fellow pupil, a member of staff, a prefect, amongst others. We hope that your time with us will be hugely fulfilling and rewarding.

Even the buildings at Monmouth School for Girls embody the school’s ethos of combining the best of traditional values with the modern needs of today’s students.

Ultra-modern, purpose-built facilities nestle alongside beautifully restored listed buildings, providing a stimulating environment where pupils can focus on their academic goals, feed their personal interests and belong to a wider community.

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