Monmouth Schools’ Charitable Trust

The Monmouth Schools’ Charitable Trust has been established as a vehicle for future fundraising that is separate from the William Jones Foundation and gives an independent identity to the existing funds that have already been bequeathed, pledged or donated whilst reassuring potential donors and legators that all gifts are administered by those with a clear loyalty and close connection to the Monmouth Schools.

Initially the charitable trust was applied primarily to Monmouth School for Boys but in readiness for our 125th Anniversary Dr Pascoe, Headmistress of Monmouth School for Girls became a trustee and we are now actively seeking additional trustees from the Old Girl community.

The Charitable Trust has been formed to cover all the schools in the Monmouth group but with individual, ring-fenced funds for separate school interest.  The diagram is an example of how this might operate in the future.


The Trustees meet at least twice a year (usually in London) and proactively support development and fundraising initiatives, led by the Development Director.

Registered charity number: 1151698