"Time here is invested, not spent".

As one of the UK’s leading private schools, we provide an inspirational education experience that ignites the spark in students who will be the highly-skilled workforce of the future.

Our curriculum, which is robust and exciting, is based on the National Curriculum but is not constrained by it. We introduce pupils to a wide range of subjects in their early years at the school and they usually go on to take nine or 10 subjects at GCSE.

We are delighted to confirm that our students will not be affected by plans announced in October 2021 by the exam regulator, Qualifications Wales, to revamp Wales GCSEs. We recognise the importance of studying separate GCSES in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and appropriately preparing our students for their A levels and beyond.

At Monmouth, we will continue to offer GCSEs in all three science subjects – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – and maintain a clear and separate identity for each. We will also not be affected by Qualifications Wales’ proposals to provide fewer GCSE exams for Modern Languages and Maths.

We pride ourselves in supporting, shaping and preparing our young people for the future.

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