Dance Styles

Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz lessons

All classes in these three disciplines are booked per term at a cost of £7 per hour, £4.70 per 40 minutes, and £3.50 per half hour.  Please note that a full term’s notice in writing is required if you wish to cancel these lessons.

These are in addition to many other dance classes offered throughout the week; the timetable for which will be updated regularly on the website. Should you wish to obtain further information prior to booking lessons, or about any aspect of dance, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Parry by email,


The International Dance Teachers’ Association is one of the world’s largest examination boards, covering the full spectrum of dance examinations on a global scale, with over 7,000 members in 55 countries. The Association celebrated its centenary in 2003.  The primary objective of the Association is to promote knowledge and foster the art of dance in all its forms.

Initially formed in 1903 by a group of teachers in Manchester as the Manchester and Salford Association of Teachers of Dancing the IDTA has grown to be a global leader in dance awards across many disciplines.  

By having instructors that are fully registered with this internationally recognised governing body, Monmouth School for Girls pupils can be assured of continuity of instruction when both joining and leaving the school.  It also gives pupils the benefit of working towards grade exams that are recognised as equivalent to their academic studies.

For girls who wish to pursue dance as a career, tuition is available leading to vocational exams at levels from Intermediate to Advanced-II.

However, dance at Monmouth School for Girls is about so much more than grades and tests.  Dance is for everyone and novices are welcomed from all year groups.  The exams and tests are completely optional.  Many girls will never enter any grades and dance purely for enjoyment, relaxation and self-expression.

As for all physically demanding activities, health and safety are of paramount importance. Competent instruction is vital, as is the provision of proper dance facilities.  The studio has a sprung dance floor from British Harlequin plc., the best in the business.  Double barres acknowledge that we are not all perfectly matched in height and also accommodate pupils for pointe work.

All uniform and accessories are available from the school shop.


Tap is a popular and exciting dance form and the numbers of girls choosing to study this genre continues to grow.

Tap, in common with all dance styles at the school, is available to all ages and abilities and is taught at lunchtimes and at after-school performance groups on Wednesdays.

The cost of tap dance lessons is £4.70 for 40 minutes, or £3.50 for a 30 minute lesson.

The performance groups are £3.50 per week.

All tap classes work towards dance performances and IDTA Medal Awards from Bronze to Gold Bars and Stars.

Modern Dance

What is Modern Dance? Well, at Monmouth School for Girls, anything goes!  Street, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical – through innovative and creative choreography techniques we fuse together different genres to produce original work that belongs to us.  We are proud to be unique! 

All girls are taught to develop dance for themselves through a combination of traditional and new techniques and styles.  And, because this challenges the dancers to use and extend their imaginations, the sky’s the limit.

At Monmouth School for Girls  Department of Dance there are many lessons, classes and clubs throughout the week and the curricular and extra-curricular dance programmes cater for every age and ability.  All dance works towards an end product, whether it be a performance, award, or credited certificate. Of course, students can dance for pure enjoyment without submitting to examination but, whatever they choose, they are assured of the best possible dance provision and teaching.