Performing Arts Centre 2018 Appeal

Monmouth School for Girls, as part of its 125th anniversary programme, has embarked on an ambitious project to develop a new Performing Arts Centre.

The current main hall/theatre is being redeveloped into an exciting and imaginative series of rehearsal and performance spaces for Music, Drama and Dance.

It’s an opportunity!
  • Opportunity to create a new landmark building with a new identity on an important site adjacent to the main building and visible on the main approach to the school.
  • Opportunity to consolidate music, dance and drama teaching facilities into a performing arts hub that is close to the main school in a dedicated specialist performing environment.
  • Opportunity to develop a passion for music, theatre and dance and enable pupils to realise their artistic ambitions.
  • Opportunity to benefit from the existing theatre building within the new development whilst improving public/visitor access and a sense of ‘arrival’ to it.

Where appropriate, the value of Gift Aid will be added to your donation. To discuss any of these options further or to discuss the naming of the whole building then do please contact our Development Director, Mrs Clare Anning on 01600 711120 or email:

Donation examples

There are many opportunities for donors to create a permanent association with a particular aspect of the building.

Donations of £300+

To enable donors to the PAC project to receive recognition for their gift, we are offering the opportunity to add a name plaque to the main hall seating, which does not need replacing. This will remain in place for a minimum of 10 years.

Donations of £1,000+

These gifts will be recognised on the Donor Board in the entrance foyer.

Donations of £2,500+

Donors will be able to name one of nine music practice rooms.

Donations of £6,000+

Donors will be able to name the large Ensemble Room or the Rock/Percussion Room.

Donations of £8,000+

Donors will be able to name the small Recital Hall or the Drama/Dance Studio.

These amounts are based on a single gift or staged-payments over an agreed time.

Our patron

In a world both governed by technology and increasingly beset by anxiety, it is essential to pursue the arts, for these represent the very best of what human beings can achieve, and help us to understand ourselves and our world.

Creativity and performance, whether separate or hand in hand, focus our minds, sharpen our aesthetic responses, teach us to collaborate with our fellow beings with commitment and delight, and above all bring the immeasurable rewards of joy, wisdom and tranquility. Creating a dedicated performance space at Monmouth School for Girls will enable current and future pupils to explore performance skills of all types, and develop the technical and emotional equipment that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Dame Jane Glover,

Proposed First Floor Plan