Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum

Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery offers a stimulating and challenging curriculum designed to provide a broad foundation for future growth, and to equip children with the skills necessary to become confident independent learners. The curriculum is weighted to provide a thorough grounding in the core skills of literacy and numeracy. Other key skills such as investigation, research and problem solving are developed through a wide range of humanities and science based topics. The implementation of an enriching arts programme awakens and nurtures the creative abilities within our children. We draw from the best traditional teaching methods and aim to marry these seamlessly with more recent successful innovations. The use of ICT is promoted in all subject areas as we encourage our children to become successful 21st Century learners.

Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery aims to give each and every child the chance to shine. Our varied curriculum and diverse range of extra-curricular activities allow all of our children to enjoy a moment in the spotlight. Whether they be stars of the sports field, accelerated readers, talented artists, have encyclopaedic general knowledge or are practical problem solvers, the children all have the opportunity to gain the admiration and respect of their peers and staff.

Bringing the Creative Curriculum to life

At Monmouth Pre-Prep and Nursery the magic is never far away. Whether it be a huge nest and giant egg appearing on the roof overnight, a magical enchanted forest suddenly springing into growth or a huge purple submarine coming into dock, the ability to suspend belief is essential to life at Agincourt. We have seen 5 year olds launching a campaign to save an oak tree that was under threat, complete with media coverage, placards and banners, and Year 2 children deciding that the School would benefit from having chickens and writing initially to the Governors to gain permission, then to local suppliers to ask for donations for the project. Reception, not to be outdone, have been creating junk models on a giant scale and built their own, perfectly habitable, castle and igloo. The Nursery children take resilience to a whole new level, hurtling down a mud slide in Forest School, digging up the grounds in search of dinosaur bones, or joining in with the annual School Fun Run.

Year 2 children have training in how to conduct themselves in a job interview, make a polite complaint and debate topical issues. They are ambassadors for the School and regularly tour prospective parents around the facilities, speaking with confidence about their learning, goals and acquisition of skills – no mean feat for your average 6 year old. The School delivers an extensive extra-curricular programme to support the curriculum that allows each and every child to shine. Children might like to attend Deconstruction Club and strip down a computer to its component parts, Up-cycle Club to build a mud kitchen, or join Welsh U8 champion Freddie at Chess Club. PE, dance and music are given equal weighting, and it is from their involvement in our ambitious productions that the children’s confidence grows.