Every child at Monmouth Prep School is encouraged to take advantage of our extensive co-curricular opportunities. Alongside dance, drama, music and sport we have an impressive selection of clubs and activities for your child, including Handwriting Club, Chess Club, Bushcraft Club, Fencing Club, Reading Club and many more! Our afterschool clubs run from 4pm.


Music tuition is available for all boys and girls aspiring to learn and develop their musical talents. Our past and current pupils have chosen to learn a range of instruments, including but not limited to cello, piano, drums, saxophone, harp, flute, guitar and clarinet.

Our musical pupils take part in a number of performances each year both in and out of school and, each year, large numbers take Associated Board Music Examinations.


We offer a range of sports for our girls and boys including cricket, hockey, cross-country, gymnastics, football, dance, rugby, swimming, netball and lacrosse.

Besides the acquisition of physical skills, we believe that non-physical attributes are equally as important. Sport promotes co-operation, self-discipline, sharing, self-esteem, leadership, appreciation and perseverance.


We have a dynamic Dance department, Haberdashers’ Monmouth School of Dance, which adopts a nurturing and supportive ‘Dance for All’ ethos: all-inclusive but with opportunities for excellence.

Our Dance in Education develops each pupil and promotes skills for life: self-esteem, confidence, creativity, co-operation, communication, collaboration, discipline, focus, and determination. This artistic insight and literacy of dance contribute to success in all aspects of life.


We regard Drama highly at Monmouth Prep School as an invaluable vehicle for encouraging and nurturing many essential attributes and skills. Acting requires courage, focus and commitment, collaboration with others, problem-solving and decision-making, engenders confidence in public speaking, as well as demanding a high level of reading and listening skills.

All pupils take part in a weekly drama class and can opt for additional lessons outside of the school’s curriculum.