Gymnastics is part of the curriculum in Monmouth School Girls’ Prep.

Monmouth School Girls Prep gymnasticsGirls are taught how to perform basic body movements with control and accuracy whilst providing the opportunity to be creative when constructing their own routines. There is a gymnastic club on offer to girls of all ages and abilities and girls are selected to compete at Area, County and National level.


IAPS National Gymnastics Competition November 2013

Inglefield House gymnastics squad recently competed in the IAPS National Gymnastics Championships at The Blue Coat School, Birmingham.

The competition was split over two days with the U11 and U10 team competing in different events on both days. With three members of the squad new to the competition, they relied on the support from the rest of the team who had competed in this competition last year.

The U11 team stepped up their performances from last year, receiving comments from the organisers and the judges on their routines and level of composure. A highlight was the U11 group sequence, in which all four members of the team had to complete a timed floor routine to music that was judged on timing, composition and level of difficulty. The U11’s finished in 5th place and received a medal for their efforts.

The U10 team worked hard throughout the competition and gained valuable experiences from the event. Charlotte finished in joint 25th position overall with her highest score made on the set vault with 8.50.  They also finished in 9th position in the group sequence.  Eliza had the highest set vault score in the U11 competition scoring 9.60 thus finishing above 60 other girls. Sky finished highest overall for IH in 19th position.  The team finished in 9th place overall and have set their sights on a top 5 finish for 2014.