History A level

Unlocking the past to create a brighter future

Our History A level course has been designed to equip you for a wide variety of future careers. It is an ideal academic grounding for law and the critical analysis skills you will learn are highly valued in the fields of management, marketing, journalism, administration and accountancy.

Our graduates leave with a respected academic discipline, with the ability to select relevant information, assess the validity of an argument, make informed judgements and present a well-ordered case backed by supporting evidence. History is considered a worthwhile A level subject for entry to almost all degree courses. It will furthermore provide those applying for predominantly scientific courses with academic breadth.

Our History department organises a large number of activities and trips (such as Berlin and St. Petersburg), as well as maintaining close contact with university departments in History, Law and Politics. The student-run Agincourt Society meets about three times a term and, as part of that, university speakers and students alike give papers and debate.