Classical Civilisation A level

Our Classical Civilisation A level focuses on the civilisations of Greece and Rome, and is a wide-ranging subject involving the study of literature, material culture, ancient thought and ideas, and the ancient historical context.

All the texts are studied in translation, so no linguistic knowledge is required; what you do need is an interest in the ancient world and enthusiasm for reading and the arts in general.

“Studying Mediterranean antiquity superbly equips individuals to think socio-politically and to persuade other people orally, visually and in writing. It hones transferrable skills like source criticism and culturally relativist analysis. It is a perfect A level to do with any other subject because the Greeks invented all academic disciplines including Medicine and Material Science. It gets school-leavers and graduates great jobs and gives them nourishing and beautiful brain-food for non-working hours for life.”
Professor Edith Hall, King’s College London.