Sky and Kia’s ‘Crikey Bikey’ gains CREST Prize for ‘Best in Show’ at ‘The Big Bang West Midlands’

June 25, 2014

Following Sky’s win of first prize in the HMSG and IH STEM Challenge Competition in April, sponsored by Renishaw, she and her sister Kia developed the project further in preparation to take part in the National Science and Engineering Competition, ‘The Big Bang Near Me’, on 24th June at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The girls have invented a safe, comfortable method to aid parents when teaching their children how to ride a bike. The harness adjusts to fit all sizes and contains a handle in the webbing at the back of the neck that is held to help the child retain its balance. The parent is able to run alongside in an upright position, which is a far more comfortable position than bending down to hold the back of the saddle, and the child is less likely to fall off and hence learns to balance more quickly.

The girls were thrilled to receive notification last week that their application for a patent has been recorded and are relieved that there is no longer the need to be secretive about their success. Before the arrival of the judges, they set up an impressive stand containing a folder documenting all stages in the research and development of their ideas and details of all aspects of the costs incurred; photographs and a video of the harness being tested by our very own deputy head and his son; and a mannequin on a bike wearing the harness. The judges were most complimentary about the work the girls have done and are optimistic for them that we shall soon see Crikey Bikey harnesses in the shops and being worn in the park. At the awards ceremony, after a talk by Simon Watt of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, Kia and Sky received the highest award of the day, ‘Best in Show’, and were presented with a CREST medal and certificate. They were also nominated to go forward to the National Finals next March at the NEC.

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