girls January 25, 2023

Sophia’s shining for England at T20 Cricket World Cup

girls January 20, 2023

It All Adds Up for Eleanor at the University of Oxford

family-of-schools January 18, 2023

Monmouth is one of UK’s ‘most wanted postcodes’ for relocation

girls January 16, 2023

Celebrating pupils’ achievements is vital, says Head Girl, Sophie

girls December 17, 2022

School counsellor tackles Sahara trek for charity

girls December 13, 2022

Sophia gears up for England’s World Cup bid

girls December 8, 2022

Blackpool dance date for talented Flora

family-of-schools December 7, 2022

Girls and boys sparkle in stunning dance show

family-of-schools December 7, 2022

Much-loved piano teacher inspired generations of musicians

girls December 2, 2022

Girls impress in top Chemistry competition at Cardiff University

girls December 1, 2022

County selection for talented netball trio

girls November 28, 2022

Geographers support campaign to tackle damaging river pollution

girls November 25, 2022

Pupils and staff celebrate St Catherine’s Day

girls November 24, 2022

Musicians dazzle in wonderful charity concert

family-of-schools November 22, 2022

Teacher headlines awards ceremony with Atlantic rowing tales

girls November 18, 2022

Musicians tune up for Autumn charity concert

family-of-schools November 17, 2022

Schools’ cricket programme listed among best in UK

family-of-schools November 11, 2022

Schools mark Armistice Day with poignant services

boys November 10, 2022

Children deliver Harvest goods to food bank

girls November 8, 2022

Sophia seals maiden professional cricket contract

girls November 7, 2022

Geographers inspired by adventurer and wild swimming enthusiast

girls November 7, 2022

Teen cricket ace is proving a big hit!

family-of-schools October 31, 2022

Governors announce plans to create co-educational senior school

girls October 19, 2022

Spinner Sophia wins England call-up for T20 World Cup

girls October 14, 2022

Children celebrate Black History Month

girls October 13, 2022

Daredevil pupil takes plunge in memory of much-loved nan

girls October 13, 2022

Exciting opportunity for young hockey aces

girls October 13, 2022

Thrills and spills in action-packed Despontin Hockey Tournament

girls October 6, 2022

Fashion icon Jimmy Choo OBE inspires children and parents

girls September 28, 2022

Pupils and staff celebrate European Day of Languages