School librarian recognised in national awards

July 27, 2023

An inspirational librarian at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools has been presented with a framed Honours List certificate and a box of books for students to enjoy.
Ms Saffron Williams was placed in the top three in The School Library Association’s (SLA) Secondary School Librarian of the Year Award Honour List 2023.
Ms Williams, who lives in Monmouth, is the Head of Libraries and had a memorable time at the SLA awards dinner in Swindon.
“I received a framed Honours List certificate and a box of fantastic new books for the school libraries, which is great,” said Ms Williams, who uses her knowledge and drive to inspire boys and girls to read for pleasure and to research with interest.
“Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools also received a framed Honours List certificate for the schools’ support of me as school librarian and of the school libraries, which I thought was really great.”
The School Librarian of the Year Award recognises the excellent work that is carried out in school libraries every day, and highlights the outstanding current practice of those who go above and beyond to support students in their reading and/or research journeys.
Ms Williams and her team have created a library setting which is popular, well used and well respected by the whole school community.
Ms Williams is in charge of the two senior school libraries that are preparing for a big change to a fully co-educational setting for September 2024.
She manages her team perfectly, using their skills to best effect and leading the plans towards the change with care and a clear strategic vision.
Ms Williams added: “Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the SLA national competition. The awards dinner was lovely. I was really pleased to be placed within the top three in the UK; it is a reflection of our wonderful community at Haberdashers’ Monmouth.”