Heidi and her team triumph again at the Horse of The Year Show 2023

October 16, 2023

Heidi W riding pony Cuba, as part of The North Herefordshire Pony Club. Photo Credit: 1st Class Images

Achieving victory in the Pony Club Mounted Games Prince Philip Cup is a significant feat on its own, but securing the title for the second consecutive year is truly exceptional! We couldn’t be prouder of Year 11, Heidi W, a member of The North Herefordshire Pony Club who have once again emerged as the champions of the 2023 Pony Club Mounted Games at the Horse of the Year Show.

The Pony Club Mounted Games have been a beloved part of the show’s tradition since it began in 1957. They give children the opportunity to compete and have fun, and the spectacle has become a crowd favourite ever since.

The North Herefordshire Pony Club’s rider team faced initial challenges earlier in the week, encountering strong competition from the Oakley Hunt West team during the Thistledown Cup held on Wednesday and Thursday. However, in true Pony Club team spirit, these determined young riders rallied together and delivered their best performance when it mattered most.

Incredibly, Heidi and the team in their distinctive blue attire emerged victorious in nearly every heat, which spanned from Thursday afternoon through to Sunday, comprising a total of six sessions.

Their thrilling performances made them a crowd favourite, captivating the lively Sunday evening audience with nail-biting competition. The margin was razor-thin as they entered the final event – the sack race – but the team managed to hop over the finish line just in the nick of time.

One of the elated winning team members, Codie, expressed, “I’m incredibly lucky to be here back-to-back years and to win here again. Me and Heidi are on our last year here, so it means a lot.”

The community here at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School congratulate Heidi and the team, what a fantastic final performance for Heidi, she certainly has finished on a high!

Photo Credit: 1st Class Images