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Thought-provoking field trip for Year 7

October 16th, 2019

‘How places change over time’ was the theme explored by Year 7 Geographers recently, with a fascinating trip to the Cardiff Bay area.

The first field trip of the year focused on the regeneration of the former dockland area, south of the city centre – with the introduction to the day held outside the magnificent Millennium Arts Centre.

Head of Geography, Mr. Meek, said: “This flagship project lies at the heart of the £2 billion waterfront regeneration scheme.

“Next, we visited the Norwegian Church where pupils watched a short film on the history of Cardiff Bay and the regeneration project, which started in the late 1980s. The fact that there is a Norwegian church in the Bay is a clear indication of Cardiff’s historic links to Europe and beyond. To the east of the church is the Porth Teigr area, which is still being redeveloped. The area includes the BBC Roath Lock Studios and the Welsh Government’s Centre for the Creative Industries – Gloworks.”

Pupils also visited Roald Dahl Plass, a multi-function public area built over a former dock, before walking to the Coal Exchange Building. Lunch was enjoyed at Mermaid Quay, followed by an exciting boat trip around the Bay – which enabled pupils to see the £700 million International Sports Village development and the £220 million Barrage.

Students described the trip as “fascinating”. Another pupil added: “I enjoyed the questionnaires around Mermaid Quay – talking to people about their views and opinions.”

 Mr. Meek commented: “It was a successful field trip – thought provoking and stimulating.  A great way to start the year.”

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