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The Rainforest comes to HMSG

December 13th, 2016

Year 8 were treated to a rainforest experience as part of their investigation of Brazil and tropical rainforests. Dave Shaw, from the Rainforest Roadshow, staged a whole day of fun and thought-provoking activities, including talks on issues facing rainforest tribes and workshops, to enable pupils to gain a greater understanding of this fascinating and endangered ecosystem. Dave has been a regular visitor to HMSG since 2008. His experiences, stories, photographs, insects and rainforest foods add that extra dimension which enables pupils to understand the many issues that face these amazing ecosystems and the lives of its indigenous people.


Pupil comments

“Dave Shaw brought some amazing photographs from his travels and also various animals and insects, including a praying mantis that is camouflaged as a flower as well as a massive silk moth. He also brought some interesting foods from the rainforest. I really enjoyed the Roadshow event as you could learn about the rainforest from someone who has been exploring them for many years.” Lolah

“The Roadshow was amazing, so exciting. We were able to see snakes, moths, a bird-eating tarantula, even a preserved piranha. Some of the rainforest food was delicious and some not so tasty, the Durian Fruit smelled of rotting garlic and onions!” Amelia

“I loved holding the snake. The Roadshow was fascinating.” Charly

“I really enjoyed the Roadshow, it was entertaining and informative. Thank you.” Kitty

Mr Meek
Head of Geography


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