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Ellena and Annabel Takeover Parliament

March 16th, 2016

IMG_2748wTo commemorate International Women’s Day, Ellena and Annabel were invited to represent their constituencies in Parliament on what was labelled #TakeoverTuesday.  Ellena (Y13) had the following to say:

“We headed to Westminster for International Women’s Day, where we had the amazing opportunity to experience debates and meetings with the Committee for Women and Equalities with many other young women from around the UK.

“The morning’s discussion ranged from girls’ education in STEM subjects to transgender rights, and it was inspiring to listen to such strong female voices, from other girls and MPs alike.  We were given the power to question MPs about issues that were important to us, and therefore we really had the opportunity to make a difference.  We also received a talk about the ‘50:50 in Parliament’ campaign which is focused on bringing more gender equality to the composition of MPs; something I feel definitely needs improving.

“The afternoon brought further excitement, with the chance to tour No. 10, Downing Street.  This was, without doubt, an experience I will never forget, particularly sitting in the Cabinet Room and brushing up on my political history, with a few juicy titbits thrown in along the way by our guides.

“To conclude the day, we headed back to the Palace of Westminster to sit in the public galleries of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, who were both in session.  The House of Lords were discussing the new changes to the Right to Buy scheme, whilst the House of Commons remained focused on the issue of women in Parliament.

“The best part of the day for me was the chance to see the inner workings of the Government, and be able to directly communicate with those who can make a great difference on women’s issues. What was especially heartening was the overall feeling that, although Women’s Day brought the focus to issues of equality, it is a theme which will be brought into more central focus in a more everyday sense.  It also left me with the thought that I might one day be back there, making a difference in the world.”


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