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Netballer Sereima scores place on Wales U21 long squad

January 26th, 2017

A rising netball star has been recruited by the national team at the unusually young age of 18.

Sereima, a boarder at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls, was talent spotted by Welsh coaches during a fiercely competitive U18 tournament against top schools and colleges.

Following demanding trials, the goal defence has since become part of the Wales U21 long squad, which will give her the opportunity to train with the country’s finest players and coaches.

She said: “I feel so grateful for being spotted with so many other girls there. I didn’t even know there were talent-spotters there that day, so it was a big surprise. I think it’s partly down to my team for making me look good.”

Sereima will train with her new squad every three months, and could eventually be promoted to the Wales U21 squad.

The sixth former has played netball with the HMSG team since joining the school in Year 7.

“I love the team element of the game,” she added. “It’s different to other sports, in that it’s more caring – we’re always shouting things like ‘I’m here if you need.’

“Netball is a fantastic way to channel any frustration, it gets me through everything. It boosts self-confidence and teaches you to rely on other people a bit more. It also helps with discipline. It keeps me on track with schoolwork because I know that if I don’t get that done, I won’t be able to play.

“It’s nice to play with so many girls at HMSG and watch the younger ones flourish.”

Sereima is hoping to study biomedical science at university next year.

She said: “I love playing in goal defence because I get to cover two thirds of the court, I’m always there to support the team, and I’m allowed in the D which is intense and exciting.

“Taking part in netball at HMSG has given me the chance to travel and play in hundreds of matches against other teams.”

Caroline Jones, who has coached Sereima throughout her netball career at HMSG, said: “This is an outstanding achievement – especially since Sereima has only ever played school netball and, generally, girls who reach this level are associated with top clubs.

“Everything about her playing stands out; her movement and positioning through the court is brilliant, her peripheral vision is amazing, she’s got really good hands.

“Sereima is also a complete team player and a really good role model. We’re lucky to have a brilliant team at the moment.

“This is an amazing opportunity to have at such a young age and she’s got the potential to go further and further.”

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