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Ella wins competition to perform at music festival

March 27th, 2018
Ella will be performing at Monmouth Festival.

A teenager will be singing in front of hundreds of people at a music festival in her home town this summer after winning a talent competition.

Musician Ella will perform a 15-minute set at the annual Monmouth Festival which takes between 27th July and 4th August.

The Sixth Form student at Monmouth School for Girls won Monmouth’s Got Talent last week after shining with her acoustic version of Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

Feeling Good is a song which I have recently picked up on and it is often performed with a backing track and by a soul singer,” said Ella, who plays the guitar.

“But I feel my acoustic version, which is a bit different, was something the judges didn’t expect and was perhaps a strong point.

“I felt it went well on the night and I was pleased with how I managed to overcome my nerves and controlled my voice.”

Ella is an A level Music student at Monmouth School for Girls and began performing at open mic events last summer.

“I always have my guitar on stage and I will definitely put Feeling Good into my 15-minute festival slot and I have lots of other ideas for songs.”

Ella will be joined at the festival by Monmouth School for Girls’ dance group, Monmouth Girls Dance and Carys (MGDC), which finished runners-up in the competition at The Blake Theatre.

Fellow pupil Carys, who sings for the dance group, has been asked to perform the national anthem at Monmouth Festival.

Ella added: “I am enjoying my singing very much and I am planning to do more open mic competitions when I get the chance.

“I have an exciting recording opportunity coming up at Rockfield Studios so I want to get my music out there as much as I can while focusing on my A level studies.”

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