Faisa wins National Science Poster competition

June 5, 2015

Young people across the UK were invited to enter the British Science Week poster competition, run by the British Science Association. The theme was “Science on your doorstep” and students were asked to look around them and produce a poster about any aspect of science that happens in or around where they live. Faisa chose the Cardiff Bay Barrage and was voted the winner for the senior category. Her poster was very creatively presented and contained excellent research.

IMG_4382w“The project allowed me to come to the realisation that there is science all around me. I always considered my local are to be a place of entertainment, beauty and landmarks with no relationship with science, but I was proved wrong. It helped me to find that science isn’t always shown on the surface it’s hidden in the architecture and the history of our local area. The project’s showcase via social media was a great way of allowing the public to appreciate science from all over Britain. I am really happy to have been part of the whole process and thank everyone who voted in the hope that they saw things from a different perspective “ Faisa