Celebrating pupils’ achievements is vital, says Head Girl, Sophie

January 16, 2023

Headmistress, Mrs Jessica Miles, with Head Girl, Sophie and Deputy Head Girls, Sophia and Lauren

Celebrating the achievements of students in 2023 and adding strength to existing support systems, are two important goals for Sophie, the Head Girl at Monmouth School for Girls.
Sophie, who is studying Biology, Chemistry and English Literature at A level, is hoping to organise small-scale events to provide students with a more relaxed environment in which to socialise.
“One of my aims for 2023 is to further strengthen the support systems between the Year groups, following the impact of Covid-19,” said Sophie, who lives near Chepstow.
“Older students could offer advice to younger pupils and help them feel better prepared and more confident in making crucial decisions such as GCSE, A level and university choices.
“Offering advice workshops, for instance, could allow students to sit in on real-life lessons rather than taster lessons when picking A level choices.
“While the school has a number of brilliant support systems already in place, older students could share their student experiences and offer an alternative viewpoint to benefit younger pupils.”
Sophie is hoping to read Medicine at university. However, if she is not successful in the application process this year, Sophie will take a gap year and reapply next year because she is determined to achieve her goal of reading medicine.
She added: “We could also allow more opportunities for students to present their achievements and successes as a community on a scale wider than through awards assemblies.
“By allowing more opportunities for our students to present their achievements, we would provide them with a chance to learn important skills, such as public speaking.”
Sophie is being supported by Deputy Head Girls Sophia and Lauren.
Sophia is studying Biology, Chemistry, Ancient Greek and Maths at A level.
Sophia, who lives near Malvern, is hoping to read Medicine at university and, in the future, become a doctor and complete medical research.
“I would like to continue playing hockey at university because I have really enjoyed taking part in sport at Monmouth,” added Sophia, who is a boarder.
Lauren, who lives in Monmouth, joined the schools in Year 5 and is captain of the tennis club.
She is studying A levels in English Literature, Biology and Geography.
A peer mentor, Lauren is hoping to read English at St Andrews or Exeter university and perhaps pursue a career in Law after a law conversion course.