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Monmouth is third happiest place to live in UK

December 2nd, 2018
Pupils at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep.

The town of Monmouth is the third happiest place to live in Britain, according to a national report.

Monmouth was the only place in Wales to be named in the top 10 as more than 219 areas of Britain were included in the survey.

More than 21,000 people completed the survey by Rightmove, which questioned people on how happy they are in their area.

The findings are based on factors such as community spirit, feeling safe, earning enough money to live comfortably, proximity to green spaces and amenities, friendliness and artistic and cultural activities.

Monmouth was beaten to the top spot by Leigh-on-Sea in Essex and Farnham in the South East of England.

Refined over 400 years in the town, Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools educate girls and boys aged 3 to 18 through a unique combination of single-sex and co-educational environments at the optimum stages of their academic and personal development.

Our pupils are inspired to grow into well rounded, refreshingly grounded but also unbounded young men and women, who excel in their chosen paths and who aspire to make a positive difference to society.

Pupils at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep.
Children at Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep and Nursery.
Students in Monmouth Schools Sixth Form.
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