Blackpool dance date for talented Flora

December 8, 2022

A 15-year-old pupil at Monmouth School for Girls is preparing to compete at the national Ballroom and Latin Medallist finals in Blackpool.
Flora, from Year 10, will be dancing as a leader, a role traditionally danced by men and boys, so the teenager will be quietly breaking new ground.
A member of the Dance Your Way school, Flora has trained in ballet, line dance, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, contemporary, street, hip hop, commercial and every ballroom and Latin style possible
The Principal of Dance Your Way, Miranda de Barra, said: “Flora is one of the most remarkable young people I have ever had the privilege to teach.
“Flora is an exceptionally accomplished and experienced follow, and has started studying leader steps as well.
“She has competed at Blackpool as a follow and will returns next time as lead.
“In classes, she regularly dances as both and has also studied and progressed to the point where she can bear the responsibility of leading other students of any age in their competitive events too.
“Flora’s list of exam awards and competitive accolades is beyond extensive; she commands a truly deserved respect from all the dancers in the school.”
The Principal added: “Flora is creative, brilliantly intelligent and insightful.  I always feel just a little bit lost without her presence.
“She is aiming towards her teacher training and already helps from time to time with exam administration and other school business. Flora is a gifted dancer who can only continue to rise and flourish.”