Year 1 Rocket Day!

Thu, 8 Feb 2018

Year 1’s ‘Marvellous Middle’ event consisted of a whole day of rocket themed fun. Phase 1 was an investigation into gravity where the children were required to make predictions and test their hypotheses. Phase 2 saw the children making small air powered rockets before moving on to larger, balloon powered models in Phase 3. After lunch the children built their own rockets in pairs, using plastic bottles, pencils, a cork and gaffer tape. The final activity of the afternoon saw all of the children heading out to the bund with their rockets, 10 litres of vinegar and a bag of bicarbonate of soda. The rocket launches were greeted with great delight by the children, and much hilarity from us all, as poor Mrs Lewis was showered with vinegar on numerous occasions. Well done to the Year 1 team. It was a terrific day of exploration, learning and fun.