Town House Fundraising: Michaelmas 2014

January 23, 2015

All boys and staff in Town House got involved in raising money for the Raven House Trust in the Michaelmas Term.

Two very popular cake sales were held, one in each half-term, under the watchful eye of Mrs. “Mary Berry” Atherton and Mr. “Paul Hollywood” Boiling: these raised a total of £160-00. In fact, the stock for the first of these sold out in just over 9 minutes, so great was the demand for the delicious cookies, brownies, rice krispie cakes! Mr. Goodson very kindly lent his technical expertise to the House car wash in November; under his supervision, several teachers’ cars were lovingly restored to their pre-term glory, raising just under £50. Finally, the traditional car parking exercise was resurrected on the last Monday before Christmas: as anticipated, Monmouth’s shoppers were delighted to be able to use the school grounds as a base from which to launch their retail strategy. Mr. Dunn managed harness the energy and enthusiasm of the 4th form “stewards” to good effect, and by the afternoon, a total of £253 had been collected. In all, a total of £463 was paid into the Accounts Department.