Thomas’ dedication earns him a coveted Royal Military Academy Scholarship

October 2, 2023

Sixth Form student, Thomas M, earns his Royal Military Academy Scholarship

Dedication and commitment propel Thomas M towards a future as an Army Officer.

We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form and CCF student, Thomas M, who has been awarded a Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Scholarship.

The Scholarship grants Thomas a place in the Royal Military Academy after his university studies, where he will complete a 44-week intensive training programme to become an Army Officer. Once Thomas has achieved this position, he hopes to join The Royal Welsh Regiment, a regiment comprising of armoured infantry personnel and equipment, of which he has already gained experience through being a member of the CCF contingent (Combined Cadet Force).

In order to secure his scholarship, Thomas had to undergo months of medical and cognitive tests with the Ministry of Defence, as well as an interview process, which he passed with flying colours. The next step was the ASB Main Board (Army Selection Board) which took Thomas to Westbury to complete essays, planning exercises, more fitness tests and obstacle courses, all designed to assess his readiness for the placement.  We congratulate Thomas on passing this rigorous testing process and being selected for the scholarship!

Although Thomas has secured his place, the testing doesn’t stop there. Throughout his university studies, he will be called to undergo additional medical and fitness assessments to ensure he remains fit and well to continue with his placement after graduation.

Thomas, your commitment and dedication are an inspiration to us all. We wish you the very best in your ongoing studies and future endeavours as you work toward your goal of becoming an Army Officer.