Prize Pumpkins at The Grange

November 5, 2013

The Grange Pumpkin Weigh-in

Boys who have been growing pumpkins at home for our Pumpkin Competition bought them in for the final reckoning.

The tradition of growing pumpkins has grown over recent years and this year the results were amazing with weights far exceeding those of previous years. The heaviest pumpkin in the competition last year was 25kg which was grown by Hamish; this year Hamish managed to achieve a weight of 42.5kg!

Entries were arranged in Year Groups and the four winners were: 

Prep I – Miles 6.75kg
Prep II Harry– 20kg
Prep III Iggy– 10 kg
Prep IV – Hamish– 42.5kg

Congratulations to all who entered!

Jack O’ Lanterns

Over the half term break boys carved Jack O’Lanterns out of the pumpkins that they had grown from seedlings sold by the FROGs (Friends of the Grange) earlier in the year.

As you can see some of the designs were very innovative!

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