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Topic launch: Pupils take a magical walk in the woods

September 8th, 2016

Lucky little ones walked through an enchanted woodland wonderland filled with beautiful trees, forest creatures and bubbles on their first day back at school.

woodland6Children arriving at Agincourt School & Nursery on Wednesday morning were enthralled by their charming stroll into class, which celebrated the launch of this term’s topic ‘A Walk in the Woods’.

Artistic staff worked in the summer holidays to transform classrooms into immersive forest-themed learning environments and the welly shed into a delicious-looking ginger bread house.

Mrs Jennie Phillips, Head of Agincourt, said: “We have a creative curriculum, with a different topic each term. It’s always something new and fresh which the children haven’t done and the staff haven’t taught before, so it’s exciting for everyone.

“The whole school works on the same topic so that we can organise trips and guest speakers that will be relevant to all of the pupils.

“Topics stretch across all of the subjects; science, history, geography, art, everything is tied in. It brings it all to life so vividly for the children.”

Dissecting owl pellets, looking at Co2 emissions and how trees clean the air, studying woodland habitats and learning forest-themed nursery rhymes are just some of the activities planned for this term.

Mrs Phillips added: “Millbrook Garden Centre kindly lent us the trees to line the children’s walk into school, and we decorated them with robins, doves and little woodland creatures which the pupils had to search for. The bubble machine and my enchanted forest CD went down well too.

shockedrobert“For some children it was their first ever day at school, and it stopped any nerves and made them feel instantly excited about the day ahead.”

Mrs Rachel Wilton, mum to Agincourt pupils Rosie, 4, and Lowri, 6, was blown away by the staff’s efforts to make the day memorable.

She said: “When we arrived it looked like a wonderland; it was so special for their first day back. If they had any nerves they all disappeared. It made them feel very special, it was really magical and welcoming.

“In the car they couldn’t wait to find out what the new topic was – they love that about Agincourt. It just made me think ‘wow, I’m really lucky they’re at school here.”

Six-year-olds in Year 2 couldn’t wait to talk about their morning.

Amelia said: “I felt like I was in a wonderland full of flowers and trees.”

And Robert added: “Everything was brilliant. I liked the ginger bread house the most – if it was real I would gobble it all up.”

Gracie said: “My mummy thought she was getting married again because of the archway. I felt like I was walking in the woods and thinking about making a den.”

And Molly said: “I liked the trees. I was nervous about my first day at school but as soon as I saw all the nice things I was just excited.”


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