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Reception trip to Dan-yr-Ogof

May 1st, 2018

The Reception children were very excited to be visiting Dan-yr-Ogof this week. It was our first visit to the caves and Dinosaur Valley and we were all very impressed with the site and facilities.

We started our visit with a tour of Dan-yr-Ogof Cave, which was full of interesting rock formations and twisty tunnels. After meeting some of the dinosaurs, the children had a picnic lunch before heading up to Cathedral Cave. This cave was very deserving of its name, with high ceilings, beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and pools to admire. A highlight for many of the children was the walk under the waterfall in the cave before reaching the final chamber.

There was just enough time to watch a couple of volcanic eruptions, before heading up to Bone Cave (hard hats were required for this one).

Finally we made our way down the steps into Dinosaur Valley. Several photo opportunities later, the children hiked back up to Mr Morgan’s Fossil House, before hopping on the bus and making their way back to Monmouth.

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