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Full steam ahead for ‘On the Move’ topic launch

April 25th, 2017

It was all systems go for the summer term as 130 lucky children got to ride on a steam lorry to celebrate their new topic launch.

Agincourt School & Nursery was transformed into a railway station and pupils were treated to a surprise visit from the City of Newport Model Engineering Society.

The children will learn all about the history and science behind planes, trains and automobiles thanks to the new theme, ‘On the Move’.

Jennie Phillips, Head of Agincourt, said: “We have a creative curriculum, with a different topic each term. It’s always something new and fresh which the children haven’t done and the staff haven’t taught before, so it’s exciting for everyone.

“’On the Move’ will be a huge celebration of everything transport related. They’ll hear about the history of transport and changes through time, the science of steam engines and water power, and we’ll be creating some wonderful artwork.

“We’ll have trips to the SS Great Britain, the Avon Valley Railway and Monmouth Fire Station. Reception is looking at vehicles used to help people, like police cars and ambulances.

“Year 1 is starting with the Titanic, and Year 2 has a really interesting spin on the topic, looking at transport used in the World Wars.”

To highlight the importance of being fit and healthy, the pupils will also spend a week focusing on using their own bodies as a mode of transport.

Mrs Phillips added: “We are extremely grateful to Philip, Amy and Chris from the City of Newport Model Engineering Society who gave up their whole morning to bring history to life for the children.

“They spent four hours making sure each and every pupil got to have a ride on their third scale model of a Foden steam lorry and they have invited us to visit their headquarters to see all their best models. When the children saw the lorry they were fascinated and asking questions about the technology behind it, but when they found out they were all going to ride on it they were jumping about with excitement.”

Each classroom at Agincourt has been decorated to reflect the theme and the welly shed has been turned into a Pullman train.

“The children are already so excited about this,” Mrs Phillips said. “One classroom has become an Anderson shelter, there are police and fire stations in the roleplay areas.”

James, 5, was thrilled when he arrived at school on Monday morning.

He said: “The ride was a bit bumpy and steamy, but very fun. I had a dream the night before that the welly shed was going to be a train.”

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