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Dragon lays an egg on top of Agincourt’s welly shed

September 28th, 2015

dragonseggChildren’s imaginations were sent into overdrive when they walked into school to discover a dragon had laid an egg on top of their welly shed.

Excited pupils at Agincourt School & Nursery were thrilled on Tuesday morning when they found the enormous blue egg sitting in a nest of twigs and straw.

In line with this term’s enchanting topic, Turrets and Tiaras, staff hope bringing the dragon’s tale to life will spur on the children’s creativity and love of learning.

Jess, 6, was delighted with the surprise.

She said: “In the night time a dragon laid an egg and we think there’s a hole on top of the egg – it’s hatching.

“It was just sitting on top of the shed when we got here.

“I think the mummy has gone to find some food.”

And her friend Kerys, 6, added: “I was so excited to see the egg because that means there’s a baby dragon.

“I think the mummy has gone flying or is out to find another baby.

“I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl inside – or maybe it’s both!”

Fellow pupil Freddie, also 6, said: “It might be like a cuckoo dragon so it steals other people’s nests!”

Year 2 teacher Emma Lane said the pupils have been writing emails to Sir Green, a knight who has lost his armour.

“We found it for him on our trip to Caldicot Castle,” she added.

“Sir Green wants to marry Princess Pink but needs to impress the king first, so he’s looking for a pet for her.

“That’s why we’re going to grow him a dragon.

“The children were amazed when they came in to see the egg – it was really lovely.

“The shed was cordoned off to make it even more exciting.

“It gives them a real boost – they’re so happy and keen to learn.

“They’ve been writing very descriptive pieces about eggs, newspaper articles about Sir Green – it’s all about being creative.”

Headmistress Jennie Phillips aims to deliver a “learning experience which will engage and enthuse each and every child”.

She said: “By encouraging them to be curious, use their imaginations and generate and develop their ideas, I believe that there are no limits to a child’s capacity to learn.

“Working collaboratively, negotiating and developing the confidence to meet challenges head on becomes a natural part of the learning journey.”

Through the Turrets and Tiaras topic, each year group will explore castles, princesses, dragons and knights through stories, science, history, geography and castle visits.

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