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Budding eco-warriors plant trees for Woodland Trust project

November 15th, 2016

Mini eco-warriors have planted 30 saplings at their school as part of a campaign run by the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity.

Children at Haberdashers’ Agincourt School & Nursery in Monmouth carefully planted the baby oak, silver birch and willow trees donated by the Woodland Trust on Monday morning.

The promotion, which aims to make the UK rich in trees, ties in perfectly with this term’s ‘Walk in the Woods’ study topic at Agincourt.

trees4Mrs Jennie Phillips, Headmistress, said: “The whole school had an assembly about the Woodland Trust and the reasons for us planting the trees.

“We watched time lapse footage of trees growing to see what the saplings would look like in five, 10 and 15 years.

“The children understand we are planting them for sustainability, to support wildlife and challenge climate change.”

Each class was given four trees to dig holes for in Agincourt’s own meadow area, which is covered with wild flowers to encourage bees, butterflies and insects.

“They absolutely loved it,” Mrs Phillips added.

“They were so excited. Things like this really bring the topic to life for them.

“Having seen the time lapse footage, even the little ones understood that we were planting something that would outlive them if it was well looked after.”

Follow-up activities and lessons for the pupils, aged from three to seven, will include looking at trees grown in the UK and what their wood can be used for.

Agincourt has also registered with the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools’ Award scheme and will be collecting points by recycling, tree planting, championing outdoor learning and appointing eco warriors.

Reflecting on the morning’s excitement, Quinten, five, said: “We planted the trees carefully because we want them to grow big and strong.”

Flo, four, added: “We want to make homes for hedgehogs, owls and squirrels.”

And Ben, six, said: “Foxes like trees and trees give us oxygen to breathe and give us energy.”

The Woodland Trust is giving away 3,250 tree packs to schools and communities for planting in March 2017. Additional funding from DEFRA means they will also give away a further 400,000 trees to eligible schools over the next four years.

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