Moving on up

July 3, 2015

Moving on upExcitement, nervousness and a little sadness was felt last Friday, when the girls left Year 3 to meet their new teachers and try out life in Year 4 for the day. They returned with tales of sweets and holiday tasks.

Year 3 teachers have been so impressed with the outstanding performance that the girls have given in our summer show, Shakespeare Rocks, that they have come to realise that their girls are ready to move on to Year 4.

Amid the action we have not forgotten our science focus, and have still been busy tending our beans and moving on to growing cress in different conditions to find out which are the most favourable for growth.

We are also busily reading our class text, Charlotte’s Web, with girls taking turns to read aloud and to model their best storytelling voices.

Meanwhile, the excitement continues as we look forward to our trip to West Midland Safari Park on Monday which will
be a very special start to our final week in Year 3.