Monmouth Prep and Pre Prep Schools ignite Welsh spirit with Eisteddfod celebrations

March 5, 2024

Welsh culture took centre stage this St David’s Day as Monmouth Prep and Pre Prep Schools had fun at their own rendition of the traditional Eisteddfod festivities.

While Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls boasts a 40-year legacy of Eisteddfod traditions, the younger students at Monmouth Prep and Pre Prep weren’t to be outdone. They explored and celebrated  Welsh culture with creativity, showcasing their talents in a medley of competitions.

The students entered Welsh cake, photography and craft competitions, alongside singing a variety of Welsh songs.

Headmaster, Mr Neil Shaw, judged the competitions and presented the winners with certificates.

Among the highlights, Year 3 pupils wowed with their daffodil-themed arts and crafts competition. Their creations, ranging from delicate paper designs to innovative 3D prints, showcased boundless creativity and skill. Here are some of their fantastic daffodil pieces: