Megan, 10, is Head for a day!

June 19, 2023

Ten-year-old Megan is having a day to remember after taking over the headship at her own school.
Megan held an assembly on inspirational people at Monmouth Prep School, where she highlighted the impact made by American activist Rosa Parks, and Marie Curie, who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.
A keen athlete, Megan joined Mr Neil Shaw for a mid-morning meeting with the two senior school heads, Mr Simon Dorman and Mrs Rachel Rees.
Megan has taken the reins at Monmouth Prep School for a day. She will be chairing a meeting of the school council later and observing a lesson at The Grange.
Megan, who enjoys sport, English and DT, joined Agincourt in Year 1 and will be making the step up to the senior school in September.
The Head-for-a-Day opportunity arose at the Friends of Agincourt’s Christmas Ball and it is proving a wonderful educational experience for Megan.