Over £500 raised for charity at pupil led International Culture Fair

February 14, 2024

More than £500 was raised for GiveDirectly, a charity supporting those in poverty, at The International Culture Fair.

Organised by our fantastic Student Leadership Team, the event was a vibrant celebration of our diverse community. Students and families showcased their countries through stalls filled with delicious food, games, books, pictures, and historical information.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore various countries, including Somaliland, Germany, China, Thailand, France, Spain, South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Wales, and many more.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the families and students who contributed to making this event so special, and to the members of the public who attended and donated generously.

Mrs. Rachel Rees, Acting Head at Monmouth School for Girls, expressed her delight, saying, “There was a real buzz at The International Culture Fair on Saturday. I really enjoyed tasting foods and exploring interesting objects from around the world. Thank you to all those involved for their hard work, beautiful presentation, and delicious food! We are so fortunate to have opportunities for cultural appreciation in our community.”

Mr. Simon Dorman, Headmaster at Monmouth School for Boys, commended the efforts of students and families, stating, “Our wonderful students and families put together an International Culture Fair to be really proud of. It is so enriching to the life of our school community to embrace this diversity, and I am very grateful to everyone involved for their efforts and for sharing their food, traditions, and culture.”

Head Boy, Ollie L, described the event as a great success, saying, “This year’s iteration of the Culture Fair was a great success, with a myriad of different stalls and a great turnout – seeing everything come together in the way it did was hugely rewarding.” Head Girl, Nell S, added, “It was great to see everyone having such a good time, we all learnt a lot and got to try some amazing food!”

If you would like to donate directly to GiveDirectly, an international charity committed to delivering direct cash assistance to those in extreme poverty across the globe, you can do so here.