Haberdashers’ Advantage in Medicine: Nurturing future healthcare leaders

December 5, 2023
Haberdashers' Monmouth Sixth Form students attend the Haberdashers' Careers in Medicine Futures Conference

Haberdashers’ Careers in Medicine Futures Conference

In November, a group of twenty Year 12 students from Monmouth Sixth Form embarked on an enriching journey to London to participate in the Haberdashers’ Careers in Medicine Futures Conference.

Welcomed at Haberdashers’ Hall by a diverse assembly of staff, medical professionals, and fellow students from Haberdashers’ schools nationwide, the event promised an insightful exploration into the world of medicine. The evening commenced with a tour of Queen Mary University of London Bart’s Hospital, where students were eagerly anticipating encounters with doctors from various specialties.

The first highlight of the tour was a visit to the Pathology Museum, a repository of real organs and tissues. Despite the initial shock of the display, students found themselves captivated by the biological intricacies and the stories that were linked to each specimen. Subsequently, a guided tour of St. Bart’s Hospital unfolded, featuring talks by experts in the Cardio Catheter Department, Radiology, and MRI and CT scanning.

Sixth Form Students explore organs and tissues at the Pathology Museum

Sixth Formers exploring organs and tissues at the Pathology Museum


Sixth Form students learn about the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance machine

Students testing the CMR machinery in St. Barts’

St. Bart’s specialization in cardiology provided students with insights into cutting-edge machinery like Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR), used in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions such as heart failure. The Radiology session shed light on the application of radiography in treating terminal illnesses, while the MRI and CT scanning rooms provided a first-hand look at the processes behind generating images of hearts and tissues.

Returning to Haberdashers’ Hall, the students seized the opportunity to network with medical professionals, including Haberdashers’ alumni like Diana Shroff, who shared her experiences as a Foundation Year (F1) student and her medical school journey. The evening continued with a delightful dinner, fostering interactions between students and professionals, offering an ideal platform for inquiries about various medical professions.

The second day of the conference featured talks from Bart’s medical professionals, sharing personal career experiences and decision-making processes. The sessions exposed students to professions they had not previously considered, with one student expressing particular intrigue in cardiology.

Workshops on the second day encompassed CPR training, providing students with essential life-saving skills, and a clinic on effective communication led by a General Practitioner. A class on medical ethics prompted students to grapple with real ethical challenges faced by doctors. The conference concluded with a Q&A session involving Bart’s professionals and medical students, providing valuable insights into life as both a medical student and practicing professional.

Sixth Form student learning life saving skills

Learning how to insert an intubation tube to help someone breathe

Reflecting on the experience, one student noted, “This trip has been amazing and enlightening, as we have learned in great detail about the vast range of roles inside a hospital, and have gained great insight into the experience of working in medicine.”

Being part of the Haberdashers’ family of schools grants our pupils access to immersive experiences like the Careers in Medicine Conference, connecting them with real-life industry experts who offer invaluable advice and guidance in their chosen field.