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Climbing high at HMSG

September 22nd, 2015

Climbing Wall in pageAmongst all the excitment at Inglefield at the start of the new term, one of the highlights was definitely the new climbing wall.

Inside the HMSG sports hall, above the new floor, the new climbing wall towers over us. The Inglefield reporters interviewed Miss Pledger, who went on a training course to use the wall last week, to find out all about it. She told us that there are lots of different routes up the wall, with a variety of difficulty levels, there is even a huge overhang! “It’s very colourful and modern and well worth a look,” Miss Pledger said. “It’s a billiant addition to PE!” We have discovered that Olivia, in Year 6 and Petra from Year 3 are the first Inglefield girls to use the wall. Wow! We hope they had fun!

By Aneshka, Year 5

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